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Enter NibUnlocker.

Does Your Time Machine Really Get Stuck

NibUnlocker is an application that attempts to parse a non-editable nib file and output a xib file that Interface Builder or Xcode can edit. The resulting xib files do not contain all the information that was in the original xib file used to create the nib, however, so the xib file created by NibUnlocker will not be a complete replacement for the original.

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Although they should not be used in a project to compile a new nib file, as doing so may have unpredictable results, xib files made by NibUnlocker can be very useful for examining a nib file and seeing how it is constructed. CocoaTADS is currently extremely pre-beta, and there are no guarantees on how well it will work on your machine.

Time Machine (macOS) - Wikipedia

OS9Experience is a stupid little app that recreates certain behaviors that users of the classic Mac OS meaning versions prior to If you feel a little nostalgic for the old days, this app may be just the thing for you! Now updated to work properly on multi-monitor setups, and available as a Universal Binary. This utility is unfinished and still has some flaws, but works. The current version works much better than previous versions, and includes the ability to run Drive10 and other utilities, although Norton does not yet work from the CD.

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  • Please do not e-mail me asking me about a release date for the next version, as no new versions are planned. BootCD has received 4 mice in a review by Macworld! Click Here to download DockDisks 1. CharlesSoft Software you always wished someone would write. Pacifist 3. The default setup of your Time Machine is to make backups every hour, which is good for safety reasons, but may not necessarily suit you.

    Backup Plus Portable Drives for Mac

    Thanks to TimeMachineEditor, you can set your own interval, setting something like 12 or even more than 24 hours, if you don't want to have Time Machine working too often. TimeMachineEditor can also let you set a precise time at which you want to carry out backups. Choose whether you want to be monthly, weekly or daily. You can type in a precise hour and choose the day of the week.

    Backup Server Control

    TimeMachineEditor is easy to use and great if you want to control your own backups. However don't expect anything more from it. In all, it's a good complement on your Mac if you use Time Machine. TimeMachineEditor is a specific application to tewak when your Time Machine performs backups. You can change the interval or decide to make a backup once a day, once a week or once a month.

    Backup erstellen

    This is also especially usefull if you manipulate lots of data within one hour as you would spend the whole day backing up. TimeMachineEditor merely updates a system configuration file to change the Time Machine scheduling. If you want to revert the change back to the original setting, you just need to apply a new schedule with an interval of one hour. Hate it, hate it, hate it!!!.

    I installed an older version and then apparently deleted it in the incorrect way. Now I can't get my norm al Time Manager default settings back.

    Navigation menu

    Installing and uninstalling the current Time Machine Editor program won't fix the plists. And I have no idea how to fix them in the terminal.

    Does what it should, and does it great.. TimeMachineEditor sets out with one goal, to give the user a way to change the very sparse def ault settings of the Time Machine. It does it with a simple, easy-to-understand user interface. It's very easy to find what you wan't and there are no unnecessary buttons.

    During my 1 year of usage with this app, it hasn't failed me once, and although it's a pretty basic program, that's still a great feat. The website is informative, and tells you what you want to know, and nothing else, in big clear letters.